That relatable moment…

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You know the one… the one you can relate to.

I’m procrastinating of course, why else would I be writing a blog about something so pointless? But I’d never let a little think like pointlessness stop me from a chance to word. (Yes, I’m using ‘think’ correctly – and by correct I mean as I want to.)

So lets talk about perhaps the most relatable moment…

That relatable moment when you totally can’t relate to that relatable moment. 

Or we could talk about this moment, when I’m taking a break from writing because I can’t relate to what I’m writing and it’s making it damn near impossible to keep writing. How in the hell did I get myself — and my main character — into this awkward un-relatable mess? And how am I going to get myself — and the whole story — out of this mishap?

  • I’ve tried stepping away from the story, this hasn’t helped.
  • I’ve tried going back through to see where it might have gone awry… There’s a point, but a rewrite won’t fix it, not even an extensive one, only a round file can correct that little point — and at this point I’m not convinced it’s an actual problem as much as it is just a thing I don’t like.
  • I’ve tried asking “What happens next”? But I don’t have any answers. 
  • I’ve tried looking to story formula. And all I can do is shrug and think well, I guess that depends on when the midpoint is… And then I just get in a potentially endless argument with myself about story length and turning points and first pages and expectations. And it’s not very helpful.

If only there was a way to channel the me that first started writing this story…Grr. Why isn’t reliable time travel a thing already?



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