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This is it peeps, people, readers, fans, ladies, guys, y’all? (we’ll figure it out.) This is my first official — really for reals — post on my brand newish totally updated and overhauled website.


Nah, forget that, this calls for a DOUBLE YAY! If you’ve known me long enough you know how much I loath the building and rebuilding and creating of web stuffs. Tears were shed, hair was pulled — mine and other people’s. But it’s now, finally, at a place where, despite the remaining glitches and kinks that need working out, I don’t cringe too hard every time I look at it. I’m sure that will probably change in a week or two, but it’ll do for now.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more — both new and old because I’ll probably be moving over many of my older posts from blogger before I delete my account there, because I’m sentimental and lazy like that.

Love and reading!


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