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For kith, and kin, and kindred souls, I give you these tales...

Of Gods & Mortals

Anna, is an assassin for the mob who has just committed the Immortal worlds most unforgivable crime – she’s created a vampire. Retribution from the all-seeing Immortal King promises to be swift and fatal. But it's not. Is someone protecting her? Why? 

Elizabeth's friend, Iona, is dying and according to Iona, only her mysterious "guardian angel" can save her, but he's being held prisoner by the same people that caused Iona's illness. Will Elizabeth, believe Iona's far-fetched tale? Will she risk life and limb over it? At what cost?

Eden has just inherited a mysterious box from her grandmother, filled with tales of Immortal beings that live amongst us. Eden believes it's all hooey, until someone assaults her and tries to steal the box.

Mystery, intrigue, romance, and deceit carry through the generations in this tale that began with a bang, or was it with two people who fell in love, a life debt, or a friendship as loyal as it is long? And how will it all end? Happily ever after, in blood, with the world on fire?

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This FREE online edition was released a chapter at a time, every Friday in 2010 (53 in all) as a free to read serialized novel and had over 25,000 weekly readers. After completion the story was moved to its own site at: ofGodsAndMortals.com. All 53 chapters (plus a couple hidden ones) and the original artwork remain almost exactly as published – The site and artwork received a cosmetic update and I take the liberty of correcting typos and inconsistencies when I see them – if I see them. And please feel free to let me know if you find any!

There is a “book” (possibly books) version in the works that is an extensive rewrite with alternate versions of some chapters (no more hotel stay for Anna & David – instead he takes her to his childhood home – it’s way more awesome, for reals, I’m super excited to share it), hidden chapters are included, there’s much more about Galen & Meline, and the ending will also be receiving a complete overhaul. I don’t currently have a release date – or anything even close to it but I will update here when I do.


What Readers Are Saying

Marc Magsaysay:

Lauren T. Hart reprises the tradition of "Serialized" novellas-with a twist and a touch of "film noir"....

In her latest work- "Of Gods & Mortals"; Ms. Hart takes on the 'immortal' or 'vampire' mythos with a keen eye for detail and a masterful use of prose to deliver the story of Anna Dimon (the protagonist) and David- her friend, 'familiar' and soon to be 'sidekick' in this tale of money, murder and betrayal.

Due to the fact that this work is going to be released in instalments, all I can say about this work thus far is that it is one of the most richly textured, finely crafted pieces of modern fiction I have had the privilege to read. EVER. The reader will find him/herself drawn in with Ms. Hart's simple and lyrical use of language to create scenes of vivid, blood-soaked violence- beautiful in its sheer brutality juxtaposed against situations of tenderness and caring.

Again- I HIGHLY recommend "Of Gods & Mortals" to anyone in need of something intelligent, intense and simply stunning to read. 

Cynthia Stock:

(re: chapter 1) I love it!! You're awesome!! I totally got sucked in, I can't wait until Chapter 2!!
(re: chapter 9) I love Chapter 9 and the artwork!!! Great work you and Denver!!! 😉
(re: chapter 22) Wow!!! I loved this chapter!! It was so intense!! You rock Lauren!!! 😉

Marc Magsaysay:

(re: chapter 10) Her story keeps getting better and better as it progresses....thanks, Lauren- truly something to look forward to! 😀 

Triffini Burton:

(re: chapter 1) You certainly have a gift for grabbing the reader right from the start. You could release the next chapter at...50 more fans...is it a wager?
(re: chapter 7) I really like this chapter. I think it's my favorite so far...debateable... but as alway's it keeps me wanting more.
(re: chapter 9) Woooo Hoooo!

Ken Robbins:

(re: chapter 1) I'm not much of a literary critic, but you got my attention. I'm also not a big fan of fantasy or Si-Fi, but I do like a good mystery. Keep it coming. I'm ready and I'm passing it along every chance I get.
(re: chapter 10) What did I tell you? I've wanted you to publish for years. Now I am sure of it. I didn't fall asleep also even if it is 2:45 in the morning. I'm no literary critic, but I do know what I like.
(re: chapter 11) Interestingly different and longer than I expected.
(re: chapter 21) In 60+ years I have never been able to read fiction in any form, however your work in this book has captivated me and held my attention. I enjoy the way you've handle characters and their placement in the overall story. I also liked Anna and Gus's relationship and the eventual break up that she (Anna), was required to do. Your telling of the events of the last night together was handled very simply but above all lovingly. You are an outstanding writer and I look forward to the other chapters to come as well as future works from you.
(re: chapter 24) I liked last nights chapter 24. Sweet but sad.