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Lauren T. Hart


I love to learn, to laugh, and to lounge about with friends, family and music. I have nerdish tendencies and overuse the word ‘awesome.’ I love words and artistry and intangible magic. Some of my broad-term areas of interest include: writing, reading, the human condition, creativity and the creative process, science fiction as well as science fact, the supernatural, animals, art, culture, the pursuit of happiness and the interrelatedness of all things. I was born and raised in the mountainous desert state of Utah, where I currently reside with my partner in life and love, our 3 sons, and 2.5 dogs.

My Work:

I've always loved stories. I began my writing career in the entertainment industry where, as one does in that field, I also worked as director, actor, voice actor, production assistant and producer. My works have been featured worldwide in projects that range from short-films, corporate and industrial pieces, television, radio and commercial work, to telephone answering trees, podcasting and even print. I love stories and creativity in all forms, but no role in the entertainment industry could ever compete with my affinity for books - for the written word. And so I left the world of audio and video for the literary one and became an Author.