Oh My Blog

This is it peeps, people, readers, fans, ladies, guys, y’all? (we’ll figure it out.) This is my first official really for reals post on my brand newish totally updated and overhauled website.


Nah, forget that, this calls for a DOUBLE YAY! If you’ve known long enough you know how much I loath the building and rebuilding and creating of web stuffs. Tears were shed, hair was pulled — mine and other people’s. But it’s not finally at a place where, despite the remaining glitches and kinks that need working out, I don’t cringe too hard every time I look at it. I’m sure that will probably change in a week or two, but it’ll do for now.

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more — both new and old because I’ll probably be moving over many of my older posts from blogger before I delete my account there, because I’m sentimental and lazy like that.

Love and reading!


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